Choosing a New Camping Knife

With warm weather upon us once again, many of us are ready to break out the camping gear and enjoy the great outdoors. There are many different supplies and tools to choose from when camping, but having a reliable camping knife is crucial. Your camp knife is going to have to be able to handle a wide range of different tasks around the campsite. Depending on how you camp and what you need your knife to do, there can be a lot of factors to consider when choosing a camping knife.

Camping Style

The biggest factor that will impact your choice in camping knives is how you plan on camping. If you are driving to a campsite with a car or RV loaded with equipment, then you won’t need a big fixed blade, full tang survival knife that can handle anything nature throws at you. You can still bring one along, but you will probably have other tools along with you like an axe for chopping wood or a dedicated knife for preparing food. If you are just having a casual camping trip with plenty of conveniences, then a simple folding knife should suffice. If you plan on roughing it a bit, then you definitely want to be carrying a fixed blade knife.

Fixed Blade Knives

When it comes to finding a camping knife that can handle a wide variety of camping tasks, the fixed blade folding knife is king. Obviously any knife can cut and slice, but more sturdy fixed blades can also chop and be used for tough jobs. You can use a branch as a baton to hammer a blade through wood to split it before a fire. Trying this with a folder will probably break the knife. You can use a fixed blade to practice bushcraft tasks while you are camping. Fixed blades are also large enough to prepare food or dress game if you plan on hunting while you are camping.

Folding Knives

Now a fixed blade knife is obviously great for handling the tough jobs around the campsite, but that does not mean that there is no place for a folding knife around the campsite. It’s never a bad idea to have more than one knife to rely on. Folding knives are a compact option that can easily be slid into a pocket and used to perform more delicate tasks around your campsite. Using a folder to handle smaller tasks will also help to keep your main fixed blade nice and sharp for when you really need it.

You may remember that earlier we stated that fixed blade knives are king when it comes to handling the most campsite tasks and this is true for tasks that require a knife. Sometimes, especially when using camping gear, you will run into a job that a knife just can’t handle and that is where having a multi tool or Swiss Army knife can really pay off.

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