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Why Prefer the Freestanding Bathroom Furniture?

The freestanding bathroom furniture is a type of floor-mounting storage unit that can rest on the ground. It does not need support from the wall or anything else. Bathrooms in modern times have many new problems. Since, covid pandemic, the need for storage is even felt more. It is because the bathroom has become a place where we are performing more and more tasks. From cleaning ourselves to hair or body care and toiletries, we now need many things in the bathroom.

 As most of us were stuck in our homes, we have even witnessed the new trend of turning our bathrooms into a temporary hair salon. Therefore, we need bathroom storage so we can keep things out of sight. It helps our space look clutter-free and organized. As we discussed earlier that there is a need for bathroom storage. However, it is important to know what kind, style, or size may fulfill our needs. There are many types of storage furniture available in the market. You may choose from fitted to freestanding and wall-hung vanities and cabinets. All of these are perfect for doing the job. But which style should you choose need knowledge? 

In this article, we have covered all the aspects of these factors.

What is Freestanding Bathroom Furniture?

The freestanding Bathroom Furniture is a standalone, independent furniture unit that does not need support to stand. It directly mounts on the floor and can be kept anywhere you want. In comparison to a wall-hung unit, these need more space on the floor. 

What are the Advantages of Freestanding Bathroom Furniture?

You can expect the following benefits by installing a freestanding storage unit.

Extensive Range of Design Options.

When it comes to verities in design, no other bathroom furniture can compete with the freestanding style. It is because, these stand on the floor, manufacturers can think of plenty of options to create new designs. Therefore, you will find variety of designs that differ from vendors to vendors for this type of furniture. 

Place Freestanding Bathroom Furniture Anywhere You Want?

Another advantage freestanding Bathroom Furniture is that you can quickly change its place whenever you want. Other types of furniture like wall-hung vanities or cabinets are fixed on the wall. That’s why it is hard to remove them if you want to replace the unit. With freestanding storage, you can change its place, move anywhere else, or even keep it in a room like a cabinet. 

No Installation Required

Most of the bathroom utilities have costs for installation. For example, a plumber or fixer may charge you anywhere around 100 pounds an hour. So, even if you buy that unit at a low price, the final costs add up to 50% to 100% of the unit price. While with freestanding style, you don’t need anyone to fix it. It is an independent unit that you can place anywhere you want. 

The Timeless Classic Look. 

Most people believe that the freestanding style offers a traditional look. While a wall hung is contemporary. However, the truth is it looks perfect in all types of bathrooms of any types and size. It’s a kind of timeless classic design that provides a beautiful feel. If you have a large bathroom, then such style can make your space look more luxurious and contemporary. 

Buy Freestanding Bathroom Furniture from Royal Bathrooms UK

In this article, we have discussed that what is Freestanding Bathroom Furniture and the advantages.  These timeless design storage units cover a little more space in comparison to wall-hung style. But offer the flexibility of placing anywhere in the bathroom without costs of installation. At Royal Bathrooms, we have an extensive range of bathroom storage furniture available at lower prices than the market. You can check our website for more details. 

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