Health benefits of masturbation for both women and men?

Health benefits of masturbation for both women and men?

Dring masturbation your body releases happy hormones like oxytocin and serotonin which provides several benefits to the health such as better sleep quality, pain relief, and reduced stress on the mind.

Women are capable to climax more easily and quickly while masturbating than having sex with their partner, and women can achieve multiple orgasms using sex tools for female masturbators while having sex with their love mate.

When men masturbating is done, they can help reduce the risks of getting prostate cancer, and using a led flashlight bought from an adult shop men can achieve sexual satisfaction easily even if their partner’s sex drive is lower than theirs.

Nowadays, there is still much stigma around the concept of guys masturbating and using vibrator rings and dildos while engaging in sexual relationships for both men and women.

Yet, the majority of doctors think of it as not just safe, but also a nourishing sexual habit that plays an important role in promoting overall physical and mental health.

Here is the list of several health benefits of masturbation for both men and women:

Lots of benefits that surround the concept of masturbation benefits for both males and females are associated with orgasm more than masturbation itself, says Nicole Prause, Ph.D., a neuroscientist in physiology and studying sexual behavior and the founder of Liberos (a sexual biotechnology company).

Whenever you achieve orgasms, there is a flood of hormones that your body releases in the bloodstream such as:

1 Endorphins – they are like opioids and they help in reducing body pain and anxiety.

2 Oxytocin –  it is a love hormone that helps in the reduction of pain, fear and promotes social bonding, and helps bring partners together.

3 Serotonin – this hormone helps in promoting happiness, digestion, and sleep, and stabilizes mood.

Therefore, with the punch of all these hormones which gets released in the body during masturbation, orgasms can provide a number of health benefits such as:

–              Your body and mind feel relaxed and therefore you can concentrate more effectively

–              It helps in reducing stress, anxiety and helps you sleep better at night

–              Promotes physical growth as you sleep well

–              Relief from headaches

–              Better sex life and more satisfaction in the relationship

–              Enhanced sexual activity causes better bonding between 2 partners

Moreover, there is certain evidence that proves that masturbation can invigorate and reinforce the immune system. Whenever a man or a woman masturbates using dildos purchased from a sex store there is a reduced amount of pressure that can be felt during intercourse, therefore sometimes it is a more enjoyable experience than having sex with a partner.

There is a reason why a lot of people prefer to masturbate solo than having sex with a real partner, it is that they feel more relaxed while masturbating flashlights and vibrator rings at night. As opposed to engaging in sexual relationships with their partner, they don’t feel the urge to perform certain acts when they are getting all the sexual pleasure just by themselves.

For people who are trying to abstain from sexual intercourse due to risks of getting UTI (urinary tract infections) or are worried about getting pregnant or scared of getting sexually transmitted diseases, masturbation is a great alternative.

It is basically the safest option of getting sexual pleasure as long as you are not using the used sex toys and cleaning the dildos sex tools in between.

Benefits of female masturbation

1)            Women are capable of climaxing more quickly and easily when they masturbate as compared to having sex. The reason why is that so, is because they do not need to struggle to find their preferences and provides them the opportunity to explore their body to understand what kind of touches they like and what their body desires.

2)            Less muscular cramps – Among women, their uterus contracts, and blood flow out when its lining sheds this can cause painful cramps. Here, engaging in masturbation to achieve orgasms promotes blood flow to the genitals and the body releases happy hormones like Endorphins

3)            Reduced risk of pregnancy – Having sex with a male partner can be nerve-wracking as they are more careful not to hurt the fetus, but while masturbating women are freer to explore their erotic desires and they can enjoy masturbation better than having sex with their partners.

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