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Reasons Why You Should Study MBBS in Russia

Here are some of the reasons why you should study MBBS in Russia

  • Easy Admission Process

The process of admission to Russian medical universities is very easy; you do not need to pass any tests. You just have to meet the general eligibility criteria, i.e. the signals received in the PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), and according to the available MCI (Medical Council of India) guidelines you just have to be NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) certified

  • Affordable Cost of Study

The cost of studying and living in Russia is relatively lower than studying MBBS in the US (United States), China, Ukraine, Georgia, the Philippines, and other countries around the world. The travel expense to Russia is much lower and not only is this food cost also lower.

  • MCI and WHO Approved University

Virtually all government medical universities in Russia are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO), and another top medical council that makes Russian universities different from the others. Once a student has completed their MBBS course, it becomes easier for them to be hired as Interns at top hospitals and can also be hired directly at hospitals.

  • Degree Recognition Globally

Medical degrees from Russian government medical universities are recognized worldwide, and students are eligible to pursue them anywhere in the world. Due to the worldwide recognition of MBBS degrees, it is becoming easier for students to apply for an internship at any hospital and to apply for a full-time job as a doctor there. Even students can do internships at any Hospital in India as well as abroad.

  • Exceptional Hostel and Campus

The hostels are equipped with all modern facilities to provide students with a comfortable environment. The campus is well equipped with all the latest techniques and methods to provide students with a good report on topics. The laboratory is equipped with all modern equipment and technology. There are various activity centers such as fitness centers, sports grounds, indoor games, and extracurricular activities centers also available there.

  • Top-Ranked Medical Universities

There are many medical universities in Russia, but there are a few top-ranked universities such as Altai State Medical University, Orel State Medical University, Ulyanovsk State Medical University, Bashkir State Medical University, and Kazan Federal University. These universities are MCI (Medical Council of India) approved top medical universities. From the list of top universities, you can choose the university you want according to your preferences.

  • Indian Mess Facility

Indian mess is easily accessible there, making it easier for Indian students to adapt and live in Russia with their own country food. Moreover, if some students want to cook themselves, there are also kitchen facilities available there at the Russian hostels, which helps them to reduce that they spend a lot on Russian food. We can say that Indian food is also readily available here.

  • Quality of Education and Faculties

The teaching staff at the universities is world famous and has globally recognized professors. Russian medical universities provide a safe environment for all students. The faculties of the Russian University are extremely skilled, professional, and very cooperative towards the students. Russian universities also offer scholarships to top artists and international students.

  • MCI Coaching with English Medium Curriculum

MCI (Medical Council of India) coaching is provided by most of the medical universities, making it easier for the Indian students to qualify MCI (Medical Council of India) exams to be given by students after completing their MBBS course and return to practice in India. The cost of MCI (Medical Council of India) coaching classes is very low and affordable for Indian students. 

  • Courses Offered

Some of the courses offered are general medicine, dentist, pediatrics, pharmacy, and public health care.

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