Say Goodbye to Wind Whistling through Your Jeep Light Bar

A quality light bar, especially a well-designed, optimally focused LED light bar, can be a great upgrade to a Jeep that you use for off-roading. It’s a great asset, as it can improve your visibility both on road and on the trail, where dips, bumps, logs, rocks and even animals can seem to jump up out of the darkness. In the latter case, they literally can.

However, there’s a minor annoyance that some of these Jeep light bars present to their owners, although it’s rarely noticeable on the trail. Usually, it only becomes apparent once you hit the highway and head for home. Poorly designed Jeep light bars – even those that sometimes offer a lot of other utility, will often whistle annoyingly when driving at speed on the road.

Don’t take this the wrong way. It’s often the last thing, or one of the last features you’ll evaluate in the decision to get a high quality light bar for your Jeep. As one of the lesser considerations, it’s something you might overlook. This is not to suggest that you should buy a light bar solely on the ground that it doesn’t produce any wind whistling.

What it is to suggest is that you can get a high quality LED Jeep Light Bar that is compatible with mounts that are CAD designed to specific vehicles (like the Jeep Wrangler) so as not to produce auditory feedback like wind whistling when driving at speed on the highway.

These light bars mounting kits offer a lot of other value as well. The mounting kits and brackets are made from powder coated steel that offers a high degree of corrosion resistance as well as resistance to the elements. In addition, as they’re vehicle specific, they are designed to mount to factory mounting points on your vehicle.

Because of this unique feature of their design, interested owners no longer need to make extensive permanent modifications to their vehicles in order to mount light bars to them. A light bar kit from Diode Dynamics will solve all of these problems and then some – you don’t need to do any cutting or drilling to mount them to your Jeep.

As for the light bars themselves, with which the kits are compatible, they are easy to wire (thanks to the included wiring harnesses), highly durable and long lasting, and available in a few different beam patterns to make them more suitable to a wider cohort of customers.

The Stage Series Light Bars, which are compatible with the kits mentioned, are available in driving patterns, for use as a supplementary driving light, as well as wide patterns that are suitable as fog lights, and even in a flood pattern that is useful as a work light or as an off-road light for traversing rough country at low speeds.

These light bars, like the other LED light pods and kits available at Diode Dynamics, have been extensively tested for reliability and operability. In addition to remaining operable throughout a wide range of temperatures – from -40 to 185F – they’re also engineered to be resistant to corrosion and moisture intrusion as well as vibration.

Since they’re LEDs, they’ll also last much longer than alternative auxiliary light bars, while drawing less power and producing less heat. You can also expect them to outperform competitor’s light bars, thanks to their proprietary TIR optics (total internal reflection) which directs all of the light output exactly where it’s needed, wasting none to glare or scattering.

To learn more about these light bars or their associated mounting kits, visit today or get in touch with their customer service department, which can be reached at 314-205-3033 or at

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