Things to consider before pursuing PHD in Canada

Are you done with your master’s program and now aim to dig deeper in the education industry by attaining a PHD degree in a certain field? If yes, we know that you are probably getting soulful advice from all your near and dear ones. We know that you must be considering taking advice from your mentors and must be surfing the internet to select the best country that can help gain global recognition. Sometimes it’s extremely hard to know which advice is beneficial for your case and which you should not follow. So, before you go back to your scrolling you should read this article in a bonafide manner as this can surely offer you all possible information about which country you should choose to study for your Ph.D.

Whether it’s the UK or Canada, every country has a unique structure for providing quality education to all students. However, Canada has scored a prominent place in the eyes of all the international students. This basically happens because of the splendid universities and colleges present in Canada. There is no doubt in claiming that Canada has scored a notable place and also ranked as one of the prominent countries offering worth relying education in all terms. So, there will not be any harm in selecting an appropriate university and college in Canada as this will surely help your Ph.D. program attain world-known recognition in front of all the employers present in developed countries. 

Highlights of PhD study in Canada

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Oldest UniversityUniversité Laval (1663)
Nobel Prize27
PhD Length3-6 years
International Students224,548
Representative FeesCAD $4,000-6,00
Academic YearSeptember to April

What are the various Ph.D. opportunities in the Canadian Nation?

Without a doubt, Canada has always been a mind captivating place for all international students. However, this fact has never been so true as it is nowadays. According to the previous studies, the number of international students studying in this miraculous country has increased by 30%. This is basically happening because more and more students are preferring this country because of its splendid methodology of teaching and understanding various topics. From unique courses to advanced research mediums, Canada is offering every possible thing that is captivating the minds of myriads of international students. Apart from the education industry, this country is well versed with astonishing historical monuments, mesmerizing landscapes and much more. To make you fulfill your dream of pursuing a Ph.D. from Canada, the Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar have gathered all possible information to project your counterparts to this leading nation. 

We have compiled up a list of impressive points that will help you to pick Canada as the best choice for pursuing Ph.D. program: 

  • World recognized universities: 

According to the proven research, the oldest university of Canada has a strong method to perform various types of research and the research they carry out holds a great dominance. This is the main reason why Canada is considered as the world-leading platform with 6 prominent types of institutions in the top 150 of all the three major global rankings. Still, dreaming of how you can enter these world-recognized universities in Canada? If yes, then stop thinking and connect with the Canada Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar as soon as possible. 

  • Magnetizing international fees:

 We all are well versed with the fact that studying on an international level requires lots of money. From tuition fees to accommodation, everything requires lots of money and this may hurt your pocket. But you will be happy to know that the Ph.D. study in famous universities of Canada is way more cheaper than in other developed countries. Some of the Canadian universities have also reduced their fee and started new schemes for offering great scholarships to international students. 

  • Post-study opportunities: 

After the completion of your doctorate and Ph.D. program, you can easily work up to three years and you can easily take up a pathway to permanent residency, or even citizenship. This particular country offers great ways for working after attending the program classes. The job opportunities in Canada are the prime reasons that attract a wide range of students to become soulful residents of Canada. 

The worth visiting outdoors: Whether it’s the famous Canadian Rocky Mountains, Great Lakes of Ontario and Prairies of Alberta, everything has a hidden history and becomes one of the prime reasons that attracts a wide range of international students. The students visiting Canada for study purposes should not limit their reach to study only. They should take out some quality time to experience the beauty of this mesmerizing country. Do you really think that you can explore this remarkable country in just a few months? Canada requires a great amount of time to visit every place that is worth visiting. 

Summing up 

You can easily acquire a great seat in the remarkable universities and colleges of Canada if you take guidance from the right platform. Check the above-mentioned points and fill up your mind with correct information that can easily offer you great assistance in making Canada as your Ph.D. program partner. We wish you all the very best for your visa filing and visa documentation procedure. If you want to pursue your PHD from brilliant universities of Canada, contact a renowned Study Visa Consultant in Jalandhar for guidance.

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