Those moments in life when you need good life insurance

“I am young, I still have time to do it.” “It is not necessary yet, I better dedicate the money to other things.” “I don’t need it, I have my whole life ahead of me …”. Surely these are some of the reasons that you have mentioned if someone has asked you to get  a good Life insurance .

It may be true: perhaps in your case it is not  the most appropriate time to  contract a financial product such as Life insurance . But there are circumstances in our personal history that make it more than advisable to have such protection. We detail some of those situations that will give you the necessary clue to know that, indeed,  you are in one of those moments in life in which  life insurance  is the best option .

you have a family

Do you have or do you plan to have children? Are you in charge of a dependent person – father, mother, brother … -?

Life insurance is responsible for offering financial support to those who depend on you if you die unexpectedly or if you are unable to work .

One option is to have this type of coverage before even a baby is on the way. If you already have an idea of ​​doing it, waiting will not make it cheaper and,  as when it comes to saving, experts recommend that  the sooner you buy life insurance, the better .

And it is clear that, if you are already a father or mother, it is a very interesting option: if it takes two salaries to raise your little ones the way you want,  life insurance is the best way to guarantee that they will continue to have access to what you want. they need , even if one of the parents is missing.

There are plans in place

But family and responsibilities go beyond having or not having children. If your partner is financially dependent on you, life insurance is an option to consider.

And it is not just that there is one of the two members of the couple with more or less income; They may be similar, but you need both salaries for other circumstances. Couples often plan their financial goals together, and you may have made a joint investment; in a business, for example. If one of the two is missing, it can leave the other in a financially compromised situation, better to be cautious and  be covered by good life insurance .

You have a mortgage or some credit to return

A similar case occurs  if you have taken out a mortgage with your partner or have a loan together . Can payments be assumed if income is lacking? If something unexpected happens, nobody wants their loved ones unprotected, or leave them as an inheritance the slab of returning money for which they do not have enough income.

It is a matter of maturity. When those key moments in our lives come, we must know how to identify them and take the necessary measures responsibly.

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