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Top Lucrative Franchise Ideas Amid Second Wave Of Covid-19

Whether it’s political, economic and social, every sector has a drastic impact on the second wave of the Novel Coronavirus. The franchise sector, having mostly retail and service businesses, is the right example of the businesses that have been deeply affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19. All the countries around the world are fighting a great battle to rise out loud from this whole drastic situation. The entire economies are endeavoring to cope up with this whole situation and strive to emerge as an unvanquishable warrior. Some businesses lost their essence but in these hard times, there are still some sectors that are gaining more profits after the advent  of Covid-19. It may sound unpleasant to you but this is the main aspect of surviving nowadays. 

Nowadays, some entrepreneurs are taking advantage of these hard times to invest and grow their businesses to an anonymous level. The name of lucrative franchise opportunities appears to be a great deal for most entrepreneurs. These franchise opportunities have unpredictable benefits and this becomes one of the biggest reasons why you should consider opting for one. From affordability to great return on investment, you can leverage this opportunity to take your earning career to the next level.

The pandemic has also provided a structural ground and an impressive development to these sectors. Where every business is facing a major depression period we should always think of some business that can surpass every situation and help us to sustain remarkably without facing a diminishing rate in the business. Some of the major examples of such franchising businesses are pharmacy franchise, Educational Institute Franchise, general store franchise and much more. Stop blaming the arrival of a novel coronavirus, instead look for some rigid plan to beat the entire scenario and emerge as a paramount warrior. 

After thorough research we have penned down some most lucrative franchising ideas that can majorly help you to combat the whole scenario: 

Stop blaming the arrival of a novel coronavirus, instead look for some rigid plan to beat the entire scenario and emerge as a paramount warrior. 

  • Grocery or general store franchise: 

The basic amenities of the individual are always counted above all parameters. In a similar manner, the grocery sector is one of the most essential parts for the survival of the human race. There are 12.8 million grocery retailers present all across India in the year 2020. From the year 2013, there is a gradual increase in the number of grocery stores in India. Nowadays, everything is running through digital media so most of the owners of grocery stores are turning towards converting their traditional store to an advanced online store. This is basically done to provide every essential thing to the population on their doorsteps. This will surely help them fight the battle of COVID-19 with optimistic results. The initial investment demands Rs 2 to 10 lakhs. The franchising business mentioned in the above lines is one of the best options to encounter great results and cater to all the essential needs of every individual. 

  • Pharmacy store franchise: 

After the arrival of novel coronavirus this particular sector is considered as one of the exceptionally developing sectors above all. From the outrageous demand for masks to hand sanitizer, most of the population is just buying both without even noticing the gradual hike in the pricing. Indeed, the pharma sector in proximity has become one of the basic necessities of most of the people in the world. Nowadays, people are more informed and they are consuming immunity boosters to keep them safe from the reach of COVID-19. 

They always consider consuming health care medical kits which will not only help them stay fit but also help them beat the particles of coronavirus. Hence, the pharma store has a flourishing franchise opportunity scope for all types of entrepreneurs. The starting investment in this particular business is Rs 2-3 lakhs and it can also go up to Rs 15 to 30 lakhs. 

  • Online Education franchise:

 Without any doubt, web courses, online lectures, learning apps have become the need of the hour. Gone are the days where students get up early to attend the classes, now everything is just a click away. Online learning offers a platform where students can learn every single topic within their comfort zone and without any type of distraction. It is quite predictable that online learning platforms are noticing a great boost in their servers after the arrival of novel coronavirus.  

After the havoc of COVID-19 people are deeply scared to send their children to a place where social distance is not followed but after the introduction of the Edtect franchise, every student is successfully moving forward in their study background without any hurdle. Edtech is offering the best franchise business to most entrepreneurs. However, this always requires an informed business mind who possesses every possible skill to take this franchise business to another level. The initial investment in the online learning platform will commence from Rs 6-30 lakhs. 

  • Cloud Kitchen franchise: 

After the arrival of novel coronavirus it’s a splendid opportunity for myriads of entrepreneurs to invest in the wide variety of food supplements franchise. As strong immunity is one of the basic factors that can help most of the population beat the effect of Covid-19 so in a similar manner most individuals are eating well-directed food that can help them enhance their immunity level. 

Whether it’s Coaching Franchise Opportunities or Kitchen franchise, everything has its own benefits so it’s highly advised that you take every possible step with utmost concentration. As this will help you fight back with the outbreak of novel coronavirus.

The most famous adage stated that “prevention is better than cure” so it’s highly beneficial to care for your body at the beginning instead of repenting afterward. Cloud kitchen which is also described as a Ghost kitchen refers to a platform where healthy food is prepared and delivered to your doorsteps. They usually take orders through phone calls and via email. The initial investment in this whole business will be around Rs 10 to 20 lakhs.

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