What credit cards can I apply for with a temporary visa?

Banking in Chile with a temporary visa is quite difficult since to access banking products such as checking accounts or credit cards it is necessary to have permanent residence, which takes a minimum of two years. However, it is not impossible to access certain financial products to mobilize your money while you have a temporary visa. In this post we will tell you which credit cards you can apply for with a temporary visa in Chile.

Credit cards with temporary visa in Chile

In view of the fact that having a checking account is out of the reach of an immigrant without a permanent visa in Chile, it is evident that accessing a bank credit card with a temporary visa is not within the options.

Failing that, people who have a temporary visa and want to access a credit card can do so through business houses. These are large stores that offer financial products for customers to buy from their stores or affiliated stores.

These credit cards are called non-bank cards , since they are not associated with a normal bank but with the chain of stores that issues them, which offer these payment options in order to increase their sales and the number of customers. They even offer benefits such as discounts, offers and promotions, in order to encourage consumption with these credit cards, as is the case with bank cards.

Taking this into account, some of the credit cards that you can apply with a temporary visa are:

Abcdin Visa Card

Another credit card that you can apply for with a temporary visa is the ABCdin Visa, another excellent option for immigrants who do not yet have permanent residence since, unlike the Hites card, the ABCdin card is from the Visa franchise, so that you can use it at any point of sale that accepts Visa cards.

Hites card

The Hites credit card is one of the most requested by foreigners with a temporary visa in Chile. This card offers you the following benefits:

  • Cash advances from $ 5,000 to $ 600,000.
  • Extracudo, buying from 3 installments in Hites stores.
  • Exclusive offers in Hites stores and associated stores.
  • Purchases in 3 installments without interest and without commission with the first one standing in Hites stores.
  • Advance by minimum amount.
  • Deferred payment.
  • Additional cards at no cost.
  • Large number of associated businesses.

Virtual Mach card

The Virtual Mach Card is an online prepaid credit card that allows you to make purchases only in foreign online stores, such as eBay or Amazon. This card is also highly requested by those who have a temporary visa and are regular buyers in foreign online stores. To request it you need to have a Rut account.

One of the advantages of accessing non-bank credit cards while you have a temporary visa is that you begin to create a credit history, in which you demonstrate your payment behavior. In this way, when you can contract your normal banking products, it will be easier for you to access credit cards, consumer loans, vehicles, mortgages, etc.

In conclusion, the credit cards that you can request with a temporary visa in Chile are those offered by commercial houses, which provide financial products that, although they are limited in their use, can be very useful while you wait for your permanent residence and you can access common banking products.

Go to any branch of commercial houses that offer credit cards with a temporary visa, present your card and your application will be processed. If you meet the requirements, such as not being in Dicom for example, your credit card will be assigned to you on the same day of application, with the limit that you can access according to your income.

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