What is catastrophic insurance?

A  health insurance  is a service that covers costs related to medical expenses, hospital, drug and involving a health problem. In Chile, it is mandatory to have health insurance issued by the National Health Fund (FONASA), which is the national insurance program, or by pension health institutions (isapres), which include private insurance companies that offer coverage . These two entities will compensate the user with partial reimbursements, but, due to the high medical costs, it will be convenient to have additional insurance as well. Knowing what catastrophic insurance is will help you choose the most convenient alternative. In this sense, MAPFRE offers alternatives that will adjust to various needs.

Catastrophic insurance is a policy that will cover events that have a high medical cost, such as an accident or serious illness. These insurances reimburse that part of the money that FONASA or the isapres do not cover and, therefore, are of great financial help in unforeseen situations that involve a large outlay.

Chile has two types of catastrophic insurance: health insurance supplements and those insurances that cover specific catastrophic events, such as cancer diagnosis (also known as cancer insurance ). It is important to note that these insurances will reimburse the difference between what FONASA or isapre covers, and will not cover costs related to pre-existing illnesses, psychological treatments or aesthetic treatments.

Like other insurance, the main thing when hiring catastrophic insurance is to know what the policy states, from the amount of the deductible to what claims it covers. Generally, the deductible is calculated between 60 UF and 120 UF for each diagnosis or illness. In addition, your hiring must be effective before the event occurs, so it is a good way to plan for the future, anticipating unforeseen events. Choosing the most appropriate insurance implies knowing the territorial extension that the service reaches and what costs will be covered. The main expenses are hospital, pharmacological and outpatient. Regarding territorial extension, MAPFRE has a presence throughout the national territory and, therefore, will offer a wide service.

Having catastrophic insurance is the best way to protect your health and related expenses. A health insurance will cover a part of the medical expenses and a supplementary policy like this one will take care of the additional costs. Having this guarantee is essential in the event of an accident or an unexpected diagnosis. MAPFRE guarantees the best coverage in terms of reimbursements and conditions, and offers a wide variety of alternatives for contracting insurance that is tailored to the particular needs of each individual.

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